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World-class Audio Mastering

Starting at $49/track (was $75). Limited time offer!

the SoundLAB at Disc Makers

Your music sounds best when mastered by an expert engineer

Even after countless hours of songwriting, recording, and mixing, many indie musicians today finish their music releases with an automated algorithm just to save a few bucks. But audio mastering is a craft. Even with the latest technology, it takes years of experience to learn which elements to focus on, where to make adjustments, and how to make your finished track sound great on any playback system—on the radio, in the club, and on Spotify.

Leave it to The SoundLAB
The SoundLAB has decades of experience mastering a wide range of independent music created in bedrooms on shoestrings budgets, recorded in professional studios, and everywhere in between.

Here are three things you can trust us to always deliver:

Nothing beats sound enhancements by an expert mastering engineer working in a state-of-the-art studio. Every segment of your song is listened to, analyzed, and personally optimized in a way unmatched by automated solutions.

Our mastering engineers know your genre and how your music needs to sound to compete with other tracks. You’ll work with one engineer until you’re happy with your sound, whether you’re releasing digitally or as a physical product.

At just $75 $49 per track, you get major label mastering with an indie artist price tag.

How SoundLAB engineers improve your music

Mastering studio
  • Raising the overall level to today’s standards
  • Correcting minor mix deficiencies in the bass, high end, and other frequency ranges with equalization
  • Unifying individual track levels for a cohesive sound
  • Enhancing project flow by changing the space between tracks
  • Eliminating pops, clicks, and other noises between tracks
  • A professional sound quality consistent across all playback systems: CDs, vinyl, streaming, etc.
  • Adding IRSC codes (required for streaming and digital downloads)
  • Adding text information (artist, title, track names, etc.) that can be displayed by media players and mobile devices

Learn more about The SoundLAB

How to master your tracks with The SoundLAB

1. Create your quote
Tell us how many tracks you need mastered in our online quoter.

2. Give us the goods
Upload your song files in a hi-resolution format (WAV, AIFF, or FLAC files at 24-bit/44.1K). You’ll then have a chance to share your track’s requirements and overall goals.

3. We get to work
Your professional engineer will first evaluate your track with your notes, and then do the required fine-tuning for your customized master.

4. Enjoy your music
Once you approve your audio proof, you can use that file as your master to release to your fans.

Hear the difference

Connected by The Other LA

“Connected” by The Other LA

The Other LA Producer/guitar player CJ Pierce (Drowning Pool) delivered a solid mix for their song “Connected”. The SoundLAB boosted the volume, worked to tighten the low end, and EQ’d for overall clarity and detail, as well as a nice pop to singer Aria’s vocals.



Mastered by Brian Lipski in The SoundLAB’s Blue mastering room, featuring our GML9500 analog EQ, Focusrite compressor, and Weiss DS1 limiter.

Sunshine by The Morning Life

“Sunshine” by The Morning Life

Producer/Engineer Jack Miele, who also plays guitar in The Morning Life, sent The SoundLAB some great mixes to work with. A modest increase in volume, some air on the top end, and a little control on the bottom to open up space for the vocals was all this album needed! A separate version was also mastered to 1/4" tape for later release.



Mastered by Brian Lipski in the Blue mastering room using our GML 9500 analog mastering EQ, and laid to 1/4" tape on our Ampex ATR-102!

Is your music mastered for iTunes?

Apple has created a process to optimize your sound for digital release, and the SoundLAB is approved to provide audio mastering tailored for songs sold on iTunes and streamed on Apple Music.

Whether you want to sound your best on today’s top streaming sites, or you plan to also release on CD, the SoundLAB can get you the best sounding master on any format–guaranteed.

Learn more about Apple Digital Music requirements here.

The SoundLAB Guarantee

Your release needs to sound its best (or you might regret it forever). Our knowledgeable mastering engineers and professional mastering equipment guarantees you’ll be thrilled with your sound. If you’re not happy for any reason, we’ll work with you until you are, or your money back.

Let’s master your music today.

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